Patient Info

Making an Appointment
Dermatologic care is a specialist service. In order to provide patients with a comprehensive dermatologic evaluation and coordination of your care, Skin Clinic requires your primary care physician to send us your medical information (reason for visit, active problems, past medical history, medications, allergy) for review before making an appointment for an initial consultation. Your primary care physician can fax the information to our office using our fax line at (207) 200-2249. Upon receipt of all required documentation and review, if appropriate, our office will schedule an appointment with the patient.

You will receive a reminder call from our office prior to your appointment. You are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment (15 minutes for established patients.) Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at their appointment.

Referral policy
If your insurance requires a referral to see Dr. Cohen, a valid referral must be on file before Dr. Cohen can see you.  If your referral form is not received before your appointment, we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment. It is your responsibility to check and confirm that your referral, including the number of visits, authorization number, or time period authorized by your primary care physician, has been received. We are only authorized to treat or evaluate the problem(s) your primary care physician has indicated on the referral.  If you wish to be seen for an additional problem, you need to schedule a separate appointment with a proper referral request from your primary care physician for that particular problem.

For Your Initial Consultation
It is required that you bring in your driver’s license (or a government-issued photo ID), your up-to-date insurance card (s) at the time of your visit and at every visit thereafter. We will make a copy to include in your file. Please bring a form of payment (major credit cards, debit card, health savings card, personal check, or cash). Co-payments are collected at the time of visit. We will also need a list of any medications you may be taking and your preferred pharmacy. At your initial consult, our registration can take up to 30 minutes so please arrive early.  If you are going to be tight on time, we suggest enrollment in our Patient Portal which allows you to complete most of this information from your home, including check-in before you arrive at our practice.

Patient Portal
Once you are an established patient you may access your medical records through our patient portal service. Use this link to access your Skin Clinic Patient Portal 

Insurance Information
Skin Clinic accepts many major insurance plans. Currently we are not contracted with Medicaid and MaineCare. Please inquire when scheduling your appointment to make sure your individual plan is accepted.

Billing Policy
Payment for services rendered is expected in full on the day of your visit if you do not have insurance, or if we do not participate with your insurance plan (“out of network”). Co-payments are collected at the time of visit. If your insurance plan has high deductibles or co-insurances, you will be held responsible for any remaining balance not covered by your insurance.

We now require all our patients to use simplified billing services by using a credit card on file. Simplified billing services allow our patients and Skin Clinic to go green by using electronic statements, avoid penalties for missed payments, and save time by letting the practice do the work.

The following payments are expected in full at the time of service
1. Insurance co-payments (co-pays) for insured patients
2. Outstanding balance for insured patients
3. Self-pay amount for uninsured patients
4. Non-covered (elective) procedures
5. Cosmetic services

Coordination with Your Primary Care Physician
We recommend that you have a primary care physician to help educate you and to coordinate care with a specialist.  Some skin diagnoses can be complex and our office will need to coordinate and work with your primary care physician for your skin condition(s).  We ask you to have your primary care physician send your medical information (reason for visit, active problems, past medical history, medications, allergy) to our office for review before we schedule an initial consultation.

If  your condition is urgent outside of normal office hours, please contact your primary care physician for the prompt assistance. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately, or go to the nearest emergency care facility. Otherwise please leave us a message, we will return your call promptly during our normal office hours.

Canceling or Rescheduling an Appointment
There are always patients seeking medical care. Therefore, if you are unable to keep your booked appointment please cancel it at least 24 business hours in advance for your appointment, so we may offer to someone else in your place.

If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, we require that 24 hour notice be given, otherwise, you will be charged a $50 fee for an office visit, and $100 fee for a surgical visit. We reserve the right to terminate from our practice patients who miss their appointment without the 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Respectful Interactions
We endeavor to treat everyone with respect. Disrespectful or abusive behavior towards staff, either over the phone, in writing, online or in person, will not be tolerated and will be grounds for termination of our relationship.

We reserve the right to terminate the patient-physician relationship under the following circumstances:

1. If we feel threatened in any way by a patient or his or her family
2. If a patient has recurrent “no-shows”
3. If a patient demonstrates an inappropriate behavior
4. If a breach of trust has occurred
5. If we feel the therapeutic relationship has been compromised

Please note

1. We do not participate in workmen’s compensation or product liability cases
2. We do not participate in short-term disability or long-term disability claims
3. Walk-ins are not accepted